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CARB compliant means that a vehicle, environment or consumer product meets the clean air standards of the California Air Resources Board, reports How Stuff Works. Emission requirements in California are tougher than federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and a number of other states are adopting California's strict clean air standards.

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An example of stringent CARB legislation to promote clean air standards is the regulation passed in December 2008 requiring large diesel trucks and buses to control exhaust emissions, according to About.com. To become CARB compliant, owners of fleets of trucks and buses had to replace old vehicles or retrofit them with expensive particulate matter, or PM, filters by Jan. 1, 2015. The measure is intended to cut down significantly on the nitrogen oxide and particulate matter poured into the atmosphere by older diesel vehicles. Although some businesses spent millions of dollars to become CARB compliant, other businesses persuaded CARB to extend the deadline after pleading for more time to raise the necessary funds needed for compliance, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The California legislature formed the Air Resources Board in 1967, states CARB. Since then, it has regulated not only motor vehicle emissions but also monitored indoor air standards in schools, day care centers, homes and other sites. It also ensures that industrial locations such as factories, refineries, power plants and gasoline service stations meet state standards. Additionally, CARB regulates pollutant-emitting consumer products such as hair spray, deodorant and cleaning products.

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