What Is a Car Mobility Allowance?


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A car mobility allowance, also called a motability allowance, is a cash payment from the British government to a disabled person for use toward the purchase of a car lease. As of April 6, 2015, the amount of the allowance ranged from 57.45 British pounds per week to 64.15 pounds per week.

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What Is a Car Mobility Allowance?
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The purpose of the motability allowance is to increase mobility in people who have trouble walking and taking public transportation. People become eligible for the allowance if their walking impairment lasts for more than one year, according to the Citizens Information Board. To be eligible for the allowance, the recipient must show likely personal benefits from receiving a vehicle.

The government sets the amount of the motability allowance, and the amount changes over time. The exact amount of the allowance depends on the income of the recipient. If a person chooses a car that costs less than their motability allowance, the government pays them the difference. If the person chooses a car that costs more than their motability allowance, the person must pay the extra.

Individuals may use their allowance to lease a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or to purchase a wheelchair or power scooter. Individuals who receive government motability payments work directly with private companies that lease the cars. Some of the companies offer options such as parking sensors for an additional cost. Most companies dictate that the person receiving the vehicle may name up to two individuals to drive the car as part of the standard allowance, but the companies usually allow more drivers on the vehicle lease for an added fee.

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