How Do Candidates Promote Their Platform to the Public?


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Common means used by political candidates to promote their platform are websites, interviews, debates and events that put them in contact with members of the general public. The setting and type of audience often affects the content of a candidate's speech or what that candidate emphasizes.

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A political candidate's website is a way to advertise that individual's views on several issues in an organized way. Such websites are usually accessible to the general public. As an example, as of 2015, the official website of Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio presents his positions on defense spending, foreign policy, ISIS, marriage and the Second Amendment. The website of 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hilary Clinton promotes her version of the Democratic Party platform to voters.

Interviews and debates can provide a more challenging vehicle for political candidates, as their views may be challenged by political rivals or interviewers. Some candidates take this as an opportunity to provide a contrast between their own vision and that of their rivals, as in the cases of the 2012 presidential debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

The relationship between a candidate's platform and the concerns of the public are best put on display when candidates travel and give speeches to different segments of the voting public. Candidates may also tailor their message to fit a certain audience, as in the case of 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz's candidacy speech at the openly Christian Liberty University.

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