What Is on the Canadian Citizenship Practice Test?


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Canadian citizenship practice tests ask questions related to Canadian history, values and government structure, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The official study guide for the test is available for free on the Government of Canada's official website.

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The Canadian citizenship test asks questions about topics covered in the Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship study guide. All questions on the citizenship test are based on information contained in the study guide. Third-party practice tests and study guides may not be reliable, explains the Government of Canada. The contents of the study guide include topics about history of Canada's foundation to its present-day structure. The study guide also covers the historical and current demographic composition of Canada, from its founding peoples to present-day cultural plurality. There are chapters describing the justice system, the geographic regions and the economy.

Applicants over the age of 55 do not need to take the citizenship test, according to the Government of Canada. Other applicants are tested on two topics. The first topic is the applicant's knowledge of Canada and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The second test topic is the applicant's knowledge of English or French. The test may be written or given as an interview.

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