What Are Some Canadian Army Ranks?

What Are Some Canadian Army Ranks?

Upper ranks in the Canadian Army include General, Colonel and Major. Junior and subordinate ranks include Captain, Lieutenant and Officer Cadet.

The Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force use the same ranking system. Junior non-commissioned officers are at the bottom of the appointment list. Their titles range from Private Recruit, Private and Corporal to Master Corporal, ranking upwards. Senior non-commissioned officers range from Sergeant, Warrant Officer and Master Warrant Officer to Chief Warrant Officer.

Subordinate officers receive the title of "Officer Cadet." There is only one ranking within this classification. Junior officer rankings include Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Captain.

Senior officers rank below all General officer titles. These rankings include Major, Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel. General officers hold the top ranks in the army. From junior to senior, general officers hold rank titles including Brigadier-General, Major-General, Lieutenant-General and General.

As officers progress upwards within the hierarchical structure of the army, they receive more authority and responsibility. They also receive insignia to note their rank.

The Royal Canadian Navy uses a much different rank appointment system. Senior ranks within the navy include Commander, Captain, Commodore and Admiral. Non-commissioned, subordinate and junior ranks include Ordinary Seaman, Master Seaman, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Naval Cadet and Lieutenant.