What Is Canada 411?


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Canada 411 is a free online directory for people and businesses located in Canada. Similarly to the American version called the Whitepages, one can look up a residence or business listing by using a name, location or phone number. Services are offered in both English and French.

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Online users can perform broad searches using Canada 411 to generate full listings of everyone who meets certain set criteria. For example, one can perform a reverse address search for all listings with an address containing "Main Street" in Toronto. Search result lists are not downloadable.

Additional searches can be performed by proximity, postal code, area code and directions. If the person or business is listed, Canada 411 generates an address and map showing the precise location with street or satellite view. Detailed directions for driving, walking, bicycling or traveling by bus route are available. Canada 411 is also linked to Facebook, allowing the possibility to locate individuals according to information in their user profiles.

Canada 411 gets its residential listings from multiple sources of local telephone records that are available to the public. Some independent phone companies are not included in its listings. The information provided is updated every month and is dependent on the carriers to keep records current.

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