How Can You Write Letters to Specific Soldiers in Iraq?

Write a letter to a soldier in Iraq using the specific soldier's APO AE address in Iraq. The letter or package goes to New York first, so you only paid for domestic postage.

Addressing the package to "Any Soldier" or "Any Serviceman" is no longer acceptable as of 2015 due to tighter security measures. Provide a specific soldier's name, along with the specific army unit as the address. Use "APO" as the city and "AE" as the state. When the postage and mailing address is correct, the Army post office system transfers the package and ships it to Iraq. All parcels that people send overseas are subject to X-ray scanning by the Army post office before they are sent.

Letters and packages can take between 10 and 20 days for delivery depending on the time of the year. Packages may not be longer than 84 inches in length or more than 130 inches total when including the length of the parcel. Packages must also not weigh over 70 pounds total. Packages less than 16 ounces require senders to fill out the proper U.S. Customs form number 2976. Packages weighing more than 16 ounces require senders to fill out form number 2976-A.