How Can You Write to Your Congressman?

You can write to your local congressional representative by locating the contact information through the official website of the United States House of Representatives. Your letter should be short, and you should provide your personal contact information to allow the representative to reply.

Locate the contact information for a specific representative through a search on the United States House of Representatives' website by inputting your ZIP code in the search field. Click on the representative you wish to contact for more information.

To write the letter, address the congress member as "The Honorable" with his name following. Continue with the mailing address. The salutation should state "Dear Representative" followed by the surname of the congress member. State who you are and your purpose for writing the letter.

Keep your sentences short and concise. When referring to specific regulations or bills, include their identification numbers. Try to keep the letter length under one page, and don't demand a response; however, you can outline the action you wish taken. Backing up your claims or statement with supporting facts is also helpful.

When concluding your letter, thank the congressman for his time, and sign your name. Provide your address or phone number underneath your name.