Where Can Vietnam Veterans Go for Disease Treatment?


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Vietnam veterans can always go to VA medical centers for treatment of disease. If they wish to go another route, such as a private practice or family doctor, they are free to do so.

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Common diseases for Vietnam veterans include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and many cancers caused by exposure to Agent Orange. PTSD usually requires therapy sessions and often medication. Vietnam veterans with PTSD may go to the VA Medical Center, Vet Center, a family doctor for referral, mental health professional or a spiritual adviser. All of these sources could offer either immediate help or a reference to another professional equipped to help.

Those with diseases resulting from Agent Orange or other chemical exposures during the war should contact a VA Medical Center right away when they notice symptoms. Many of the resulting cancers and diseases are aggressive and require extensive treatment. If a VA Medical Center is unable to treat the veteran there, it can connect him to the right doctor or location. Type 2 Diabetes and even certain heart problems have also been linked back to Agent Orange exposure. Parkinson's Disease and other diseases attacking the nervous system are also common in Vietnam veterans and require treatment as soon as possible.

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