How Can Veterans Get Assistance With Applying for Section 8 Housing?

Veterans can receive assistance with applying for and receiving Section 8 housing by calling the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans or by contacting a local branch of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Specific services available to veterans in need are contained in United States housing code, in Section 8's Housing Choice Voucher program.

The National Call Center for Homeless Veterans connects callers with a trained service person from the Department of Veterans Affairs that can assess veterans' needs and eligibility over the phone. When an inquiry is made through the hotline, the caller is directed towards their most efficient contact with a local branch of the VA. The VA assists veterans with the housing assistance application process and provides information about the housing programs available for veterans, including services through Section 8.

The Housing and Urban Development - Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program is available specifically so that homeless veterans can receive housing vouchers under Section 8 combined with a special level of care in accordance with the VA's health treatment services. This combination of health and housing programs for veterans allows the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to place veterans in subsidized housing where VA facilities are close by and applicants' cases can be adequately managed.