How Can You Verify an Office Address?


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Most office addresses can be confirmed via the company's website. USPS also has a feature that allows people to verify office locations by entering select information such as address, company name or zip code. If the information entered is valid, the online tool often generates results.

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Melissa Data is another online company that verifies office addresses internationally. When a visitor types in the assumed office location information, Melissa Data searches to provide the office location, links to maps, the current climate and the time zone. Experian Data Quality is also a helpful tool for verifying an office address. Similar to Melissa Data, once the information is entered, the system verifies the address for users. Both options are free. Many companies also post location information on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google Maps is another accurate way to verify this information.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent outlet for verifying an office address. The BBB is known for having up-to-date information for companies internationally. It also provides reliable business phone numbers for those who want to call a business to verify an address. Though online tools are usually reliable, the best way to verify an office address is to call the business and speak with a live person.

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