Where Can You Get Utility Payment Assistance?


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Individuals who need assistance with paying utility bills can turn to government programs at the state and federal level. There are also opportunities with utility companies, non-profit charities and social service agencies.

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Individuals looking for help with paying utility bills should first contact the utility company to determine if there are any programs available for which they qualify. Many utility companies offer a number of different opportunities, such as community-funded emergency payment assistance programs for customers who qualify. These programs offer help to offset the cost of heating and cooling homes, and they can also assist with rising electric bills. Anyone looking for help can ask about payment assistance, which includes budget billing and other flexible payment plans that allow customers to catch up on their bills.

From there, individuals can turn to government programs at both the state and federal level. If they qualify, they may be able to obtain grants and other types of payment assistance from local and state government agencies. Applicants usually need to have a certain income level to qualify for grants and public assistance. Non-profit organizations may offer help with grants and legal advice for keeping on the power. Programs that help with telephone utilities are also available.

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