Can Unemployment Compensation Be Extended?


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Unemployment compensation can be extended by an additional 53 weeks for Emergency Unemployment Compensation and an additional 20 weeks for the Federal-State Extended Duration program, reports the State of California. These benefits are applicable to all states as they deal with federal law.

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The federal extended unemployment compensation benefits have four different tiers of benefits and all are funded by the federal government. Employers are not responsible for federally extended benefits, such as EUC benefits, unless the employers are government organizations. All of the benefits are subject to change with new laws and are dependent upon the state of the economy. Benefits were increased during 2011, but were cut slightly in 2013, for example, because the economy began to recover. If changes are made, they will not affect those who are receiving unemployment compensation benefits until they file for an extension.

The federal government has asked states to help individuals find employment by offering assistance throughout the job search process. An example of a state program that offers assistance is the Job Center of California for California state residents. There are also a number of work search requirements that the federal government employs to ensure that people who are receiving unemployment compensation benefits are seeking employment. Any person who fails to meet these expectations will not be able to extend their benefits.

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