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Navy pay scales are directly proportional to the rank and amount of time a person has served in the Navy. Pay scales for the Navy personnel are further modified by their full-time or part-time status.

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Enlisted personnel in the U.S. Navy earn less than the officers who are equivalent with regard to their rank level. As of 2015, the basic pay of an enlisted member with the rank of E-1, seaman recruit, is $1,468 per month, whereas the basic pay for an officer with the rank of O-1, ensign, is $2,784 per month.

Enlisted personnel in the U.S. Navy are eligible for promotion based on their performance and years of service. After nine months in the service, an enlisted member can advance from rank E-1 to rank E-2 and receive the corresponding pay raise. After nine more months, he is eligible to advance to rank E-3. Upon reaching that rank, the amount of time required for further promotions is reduced to six months.

In addition to the basic pay, all personnel serving in the U.S. Navy are entitled to health care benefits, combat pay and supplemental payments, such as housing and food allowances. The basic pay and the supplemental payments for those serving in the Navy Reserve are prorated for part-time service and dependent on the individual pay grade.

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