What Can the Tulsa Housing Authority Do for You?


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The Tulsa Housing Authority provides resources for public housing, such as Section 8 rental homes and apartments, for Oklahoma residents who meet income eligibility requirements. The Tulsa Housing Authority issues Section 8 vouchers and financial assistance for families in financial distress, as well as individuals with disabilities.

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The Tulsa Housing Authority oversees bidding of new construction contracts within the city and entrepreneurial developments by investors and corporations. The Tulsa Housing Authority offers training and educational workshops related to home ownership for residents who qualify for the continuing education programs. The Tulsa Housing Authority also purchases many homes throughout the city. They rehabilitate these houses and apartment complexes to meet city construction and safety codes. Subsequently, they sell the residences to qualifying home owners through the first-time home buying program sponsored and financed by government grants. The goal of the home buying program is to provide affordable homes and residences to low- and moderate-income families in need of both temporary and permanent shelter. Through this program, home buyers are provided budgeting assistance, credit counseling, down payment assistance and special lending rates. Moreover, the Tulsa Housing Authority offers these new homeowners tips on how to maintain their residence for the long-term within the city limits of Tulsa.

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