Can You Trust the Legality of Free Online Legal Documents?

Law Depot uses a team of lawyers to create legal forms, and it offers a free trial subscription that allows users to customize, download and print these documents. Rocket Lawyer provides users with documents written and reviewed by legal professionals and lawyers, and a one-week trial membership allows subscribers to create their first document free.

Law Depot maintains a large library of legal documents for use in establishing a business, estate planning, managing rental properties and others. Its site has been used by over two million people to create more than four million legal documents. Rocket Lawyer provides personalized help filling out forms, and offers a guarantee: If a court finds a document created by Rocket Lawyer to be unenforceable due to an error on the form, Rocket Lawyer corrects it.

An example of a legal form available from Law Depot is a notice of lease violation. The document specifies its adherence to state law and sets out the landlord's right to remedy the violation if the tenant doesn't correct it within a certain time. A living will is one of the legal documents supplied by Rocket Lawyer. The form is accompanied by information about the purpose and limitations of a living will, how it's different from a power of attorney document and suggestions on who to appoint as an agent and when to update the form.