How Can You Find a Telephone Number by an Address?


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Find a telephone number by entering an address in the search engine at WhitePages.com. Search for phone numbers using personal names or business names, or find personal or business names and addresses by entering phone numbers.

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How Can You Find a Telephone Number by an Address?
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To find a phone number by an address, go to WhitePages.com and enter the street address after selecting the Address option at the top of the page. To find the address and phone number of a person, select People instead, and enter the person's name. For business information, select Business above the search engine, and enter the name of the business. These three searches all require a city and state combination or a ZIP code. WhitePages.com also offers the Phone search option, which gives the name and address of the owner of an entered phone number.

The WhitePages website allows users to claim a personal listing, edit it for accuracy, and opt for privacy for email addresses and cell phone numbers, reports VentureBeat.com. WhitePages also has a current caller ID app for smart phones that allows users to know who is calling, see their current social media updates, know what the weather is like where they are calling from, add personalized background photos from Internet sources, and block spam and unwanted numbers.

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