How Can You Survive With Social Security Disability Income and Not Lose Benefits?


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Individuals receiving Social Security benefits are allowed to supplement their benefit income with other types of income, including income earned from work, Social Security Supplemental Income, private insurance payments and veterans benefits, claims Nolo. Social Security benefits are not taken away unless you exceed allowed income levels.

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If you are receiving Social Security benefits, the program allows you to earn a limited amount of income from work, but disabled individuals must be careful not to exceed what the agency considers substantial gainful work. Being a self-employed business owner offers more leniency of total monthly earnings, but factors such as type of work performed and number of work hours also play a role in how much work income is allowed, according to Nolo. Your local Social Security office can deduct work-related expenses from your earnings when calculating earned income.

Another type of government income you can receive in addition to Social Security benefits is Social Security Supplemental Income, states Nolo. SSI benefits are typically provided to disabled and elderly citizens. To determine the amount of SSI benefits you receive, the government uses a standard formula, which includes Social Security as countable income. Generally, the less countable income you have, the more SSI income you receive, and vice versa. You can contact your state's labor department to inquire about temporary disability benefits.

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