How Can You Be Sure That Your Home Address Cannot Be Looked up by Name?


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Individuals who want to make sure that their home address cannot be looked up by name should personally search for their address using their name, locate which websites contain their personal information and eliminate that information from their personal accounts.A website called "Account Killer"can be used to delete information from sites such as WhitePages, LinkedIn, and Facebook, suggests USA Today.

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It is often possible to look up an individual's home address on the internet simply by using their name. Many users list their home address information on websites without realizing that this information can be looked up by strangers. The following steps will help individuals make sure that their home address cannot be looked up by name.

  1. Perform a Google search for name and address
  2. Users should use Google to attempt to find their home address by searching their name. This will reveal which websites have the address in their public records.

  3. Go through each website and delete the home address information
  4. Users should then go through each website, which is often social media sites or sites such as White Pages, and delete their home address information from their profiles. If it is not possible to delete this information, contact the website company to get the information deleted.

  5. If necessary, delete entire accounts
  6. If the websites that have personal information are not needed, then users should completely delete their account from the website to ensure that nobody can find their personal address information.

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