How Can You Get a Subsidized Childcare Reimbursement to Go Back to College?

Child care subsidy programs are given by the federal government to universities and colleges that are able to dispense the grants to eligible parents. To receive a child care subsidy, apply to your university's program.

  1. Determine if your desired school has a child care subsidy program

    Institutions of higher learning that have applied for the federal program CCAMPS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program) have resources and grants for student parents looking to go to college. Find out if the school you wish attend is in the CCAMPS program and offers free or low-cost child care.

  2. Research the plans the school offers and determine your eligibility

    Contact the school and ask about what the school offers by way of child care subsidies and if you are eligible. Colleges have different requirements for eligibility, often based on income and the type of student enrollment. Schools often follow state standards in determining who is low-income. Factors such as the type of classes, child care hours desired and the status of the student also effect eligibility. Preferential treatment is often given to full-time students. Generally, students who are eligible for the federal Pell Grant can qualify for the subsidy.

  3. Apply to the college and its program

    Apply to the school in question and enroll your child into the child care program the school offers.