Where Can You Find Free Street Address Lookup Services Online?

can-street-address-lookup-services-online Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Online services such as Whitepages, Switchboard and Address.com provide street address information for free. The search can be performed using a person or business name and if the specific address is available, the site generates a map showing the exact location.

Most free services also offer a reverse address lookup feature, which allows the user to enter an address to find the name of the owner or business. The feature is also available to perform a reverse phone lookup.

People Lookup offers the same features of a basic address lookup, along with personal data such as age, known relatives, date of birth and previous addresses associated with the person. It draws data from many public records to compile a current and historical view. Additional advanced options are available for a fee with some services, including background check, bankruptcies, lawsuits, marriage and divorce information.

Melissa Data offers similar features and can also provide comprehensive details about the address location, geographical data, property information and other demographics. The site offers details including time zone, latitude and longitude, assessed value of the property and ZIP code demographics. It also links to tax and census data, as well as the Congress and state legislative districts.