How Can You Find Someone's Mug Shot for Free?

can-someone-s-mug-shot Credit: Bojan Kontrec/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The websites of the county sheriff's offices publish the mug shots of individuals arrested and currently detained inside the county jail. The booking photos are considered as public records and are available for public viewing. Some websites, such as, also posts mug shots of inmates in specific counties.

To find the mug shot of an inmate or an arrested person, visit the website of the county sheriff's office and find the inmate roster or the inmate search tool. If you are using an inmate look-up tool, provide the information required by the site. Most sites just need the inmate's last name or booking number, while others may ask for other information, such as the Department of Correction's number or state identification number. The booking photos are usually included in the inmate's profile. collects mug shots from the sheriff's office websites of counties in the United States and publishes it on the site. To find a mug shot of an individual on, go to the home page of the site and hover the mouse pointer over Categories on the top menu. Click U.S. Counties. Click a state on the list of states and choose the county to view all the mug shots collected from that specific county.