How Can I Find Someone's Birthday on the Internet?

To find someone's birthday on the Internet, search social media and "people search" websites based on the individual's name and geographical location. People who are active on social media and other websites are typically easier to find than those who do not maintain a virtual presence.

A "people search" website is a database that aggregates public-record data about people, including their names, birthdays, places of employment, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Social media sites are virtual gathering places for people to post profiles and content.

Step 1: Search social media profiles

Type the individual's name into the search feature on the website. A list of possible matches will appear, at which point the user can select the profile name and look for data in the "birthday" field. On Facebook, users can search for upcoming birthdays among "friends" by clicking on "Events" and selecting "Upcoming birthdays." Since birthdays are not required on most social media sites, some users do not include them on their profiles.

Step 2: Visit "people search" databases

Databases like, and allow users to find people based on specific search parameters. Finding someone's birthday usually requires the individual's full name and state of residence. For common names, other defining factors might be required, such as the individual's specific address.