How Can Someone Find Out What Is the U.S. National Debt ?


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Someone who wants to find out what the United States national debt is can visit the Treasury Direct website. In addition to showing national debt, it allows users to search for historic data.

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The national debt section of the Treasury Direct website shows an up-to-date overview of U.S. national debt. This includes debt that is held by the public, intergovernmental holdings and the total debt figure. Visitors who are interested in how much debt the U.S. had in the past can enter a specific date. Alternatively, they can search for a historic date during a specific period, by entering a start and finish date.

Some people may find it useful to view an infographic of U.S. national debt, which they can find on the White House's website. In addition to stating how much debt the country has accumulated during a period of time, it highlights where the debt comes from. This includes bars that demonstrate which president's policies the debt rose under, and which made the biggest contribution.

It is important to look at the infographic publication date when looking for the latest data. As of early 2015, the infographic on the White House's website reflected data from 2001 to 2011. As such, it may not reflect other historic changes.

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