How Can Someone Get Emancipated in Kansas?

In order to be emancipated in Kansas, a minor must be at least 16 years old and a resident of his county for one year. He must then petition his case in open court, and the district determines if he is capable of conducting his own affairs. A minor may be considered automatically emancipated if he gets married or joins the armed forces.

  1. Understand the rights of emancipation

    It is important for a minor to understand the court's expectations if he is granted emancipation. He may enter into contracts, be a party to a law suit, buy and sell real estate and write a valid will.

  2. Submit a petition to the court

    When filing for emancipation, a minor must clearly state his reason for seeking emancipation, and his parents require notice of the proceedings. The minor must also provide evidence that he is capable of taking care of himself. This includes financial support, shelter and the ability to make mature decisions. It is also required that the minor still attend school.

  3. Wait for the court to review the submission

    The decision of emancipation is made by the court. If it is determined to be in the minor's best interest, the petition is more likely to be granted. However, if the minor's situation changes during or after the decision, the order may be rescinded. In this case, the minor is declared to be back under the care of his parents.