How Can I Find Someone for Free?

can-someone Credit: Vision/Getty Images

The Internet offers several ways to locate an individual at no cost to the searcher. One of the ways to search for someone online is simply to type the full name into a search engine. The New York Times recommends searching using the individual's name surrounded by quotation marks to ensure the search engine used both names.

Searching social media sites is a good way to find someone for free. Many females who change their name at marriage continue to use their maiden name on social sites, which is one of the advantages of using social media to track someone down. Social media sites often provide photos that can be useful in ensuring the correct individual is located. Such sites also provide links to friends or relatives who are able to let the individual know that the searcher is looking for him.

College and high school alumni associations often maintain websites with member information. Member profiles sometimes include current city, phone number or email addresses. Accessing other member profiles often requires the searcher join the association and takes a few days for approval.

In many states, court records are public record. Such records are sometimes available and searchable online. Court records usually include criminal charges, marriage and divorce records.