What Can Slow Down Disability Benefits Payments?


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A common reason for an individual's disability payments being slowed down is Social Security needing to calculate the Social Security disability benefit based on other benefits the applicant is eligible to receive, says Disability Advisor. These benefits include workers compensation, government pension or Supplemental Security Income.

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Another reason that may slow down a disability payment is the applicant failing to provide the correct contact information from the treating physician, as well as failing to take the time to input the necessary medical information the Social Security Administration needs to make a determination on the application, explains Social Security Disability Resource Center. The case can be delayed for several months if the examiner assigned to the claim has to spend time locating medical records.

Once a decision has been made on a claim, there are a few other steps that take time. The doctor that is assigned to the case must review the medical records to either agree or disagree with the decision. The opinion of the doctor usually weighs more heavily than that of the claims examiner. Once the doctor has reviewed the claim, the unit supervisor can agree or disagree with the examiner's decision, says Social Security Disability Resource Center.

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