Where Can You Find a Simple Comparison of Democrats and Republicans?


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A breakdown of policy differences between Democrats and Republicans is available at Diffen.com, as of 2015. A chart shows policy differences at a glance on the top of the page, with further details in prose below it. In general, Democrats are liberals favoring left-leaning policies and larger government, while Republicans are conservatives favoring right-leaning policies and smaller government. Democrats are more likely to focus on the welfare of the many while Republicans usually favor individual freedoms.

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Diffen.com also provides information about both parties, including registered membership, party history, current leaders, governorships held and links to each party's website. The site acknowledges that its presented ideologies are true only in a general sense; individual members of either party may disagree with it on any issue.

Democrats tend to support progressive taxation, meaning that the highest earners pay the highest percentage in taxes, according to Diffen.com. Republicans tend to support a flat tax, and are unwilling to accept any tax increases to pay for a government they feel is too big already. Democrats favor minimum wage legislation, arguing that society has a responsibility to provide everyone enough income to live. Republicans disagree, arguing that the free market should determine labor rates. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to support military spending.

Republicans generally favor increased border security and deporting illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, regardless of time spent in the United States. Democrats support amnesty for illegal immigrants meeting certain standards and are not as focused on border security. Republicans are generally against legalizing gay marriage and abortion, while Democrats support legalizing both. Democrats feel that government has a responsibility to regulate businesses for consumer safety, while Republicans feel such measures to be harmful to a capitalist society.

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