How Can a Senior Over 55 Obtain a PC Computer?


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Seniors can take advantage of the AARP discount program to purchase computers directly from the manufacturers or from retail chains, such as Best Buy. There are also companies that make computers specifically designed for seniors, and these computers are on the retail market.

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A senior who simply wants a standard PC may want to look into an AARP membership if he does not already have one. Computers and tablets are sometimes offered at a discount to AARP members. While there are annual dues for the program, the savings on a computer may more than make up for them.

There are also PCs that are designed specifically for seniors and Baby Boomers who have little to no prior computer experience. These include the HP TouchSmart 610, the Telikin and the MyGate Elite Computer. These PCs have senior-oriented features, such as buttons that are easy to operate with one hand, software accessibility features, large, color-coded keyboards and larger display text that has high contrast for better visibility. The HP TouchSmart offers a touch screen in addition to the standard mouse and keyboard control. HP offers documentation that is compatible with screen readers and Braille output, and the company's computers support the accessibility features of Microsoft Windows.

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