How Can You Get the Section 8 Housing List for Rental Units?

You can get a list of available Section 8 rental units from your local housing authority office or search online through websites such as or Section 8 is also known as the housing choice voucher program according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. partners with public housing agencies and landlords throughout the country to compile a listing of homes and apartments available for rent. Landlords create accounts to post properties themselves when they come available. is a nonprofit organization that also offers a searchable listing of affordable rental properties. This organization hosts individual websites for numerous states throughout the nation where potential renters can find a more concise listing of properties tailored to their locations. Customer service representatives at are available to assist landlords with posting their vacancies, and they also help voucher holders in their rental searches. They can be reached over the telephone through a toll-free number operated by English- and Spanish-speaking staff.

Housing authorities and HUD offices participating in the housing choice voucher program collect lists of available rental properties from property managers and landlords, various websites and local classified ads to make available to program recipients as well.