How Can You Search for Tenant Eviction Records?


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Find a tenant's eviction record by calling previous landlords, contacting the county courts where the tenant previously lived or running a credit check. In some cases, a company is hired to run a tenant screening report.

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In order to call previous landlords, the current landlord or management company should have the tenant fill out forms with previous residency information. This form includes the name of previous landlords and their contact information. The tenant has to sign off to allow contact with past residences and give permission to run a background and credit check. Past landlords are asked questions surrounding why the tenant vacated.

If a landlord evicted the tenant, he had to file paperwork with the superior court in the county where the tenant lived. If the judge approves of the eviction, those records are filed and available to the public. If the county has an updated digital system, these records are available on the Internet.

Credit checks require a full legal name, address for the last two years, a Social Security number, date of birth and current employer and landlord. If the tenant was evicted or sued for past due rent, this information is visible in the public records section of the report. The three credit reporting agencies are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, and all of them provide reports that show the tenant's credit history and personal information. Tenant screening records have much of the same information, as well as any criminal history.

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