How Can You Search for a Public Warrant?


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Ways of searching for public warrants of arrest include checking county websites, contacting county law enforcement offices directly and consulting third parties, according to DMV.org. In order to facilitate the search, individuals need the suspected person's full name, approximate age, and his city and state of residence.

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If the county does not offer searchable warrants, an individual may contact the sherriff's department directly, according to DMV.org. If consulting with a third-party website, there may be a charge to access additional information about the suspected person. The information provided by these third parties typically includes the date of the offense and the date the charge was filed, a description of the particular offense and information about the type of case, including whether the charge was a felony or a misdemeanor. If applicable, the third-party provider may include the fine amount for the offense and the dates for sentencing, conviction, probation and disposition.

Some states may provide a searchable index of multiple counties, such as Florida's Crime Information Center, which allows individuals to conduct a search for wanted persons within the state. Such services may ask for additional information about the suspected person, such as his race and any nicknames he may go by.

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