Where Can You Search Prison Inmate Records for Free?

Prison inmate records for all 50 states are available for free on Records.com and federal inmate information is available through the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator. Using Records.com provides links to each state’s department of corrections website, from which you can find a prison inmate and then his record.

Navigate to the Records.com Free Prison Inmate Search and click the link for the state in which a prison inmate is incarcerated. Clicking on the State of Arkansas Department of Corrections, for example, brings up the Arkansas Department of Corrections home page. To further search for a specific prison inmate and obtain information about his record, click on Online Services, and then select Inmate Search.

Search the inmate population for Arkansas by the Arkansas Department of Corrections inmate number or by the inmate’s name. You can further narrow the search by gender, age, race and other factors. Click on the name returned in the search results to find the offense for which the inmate is incarcerated and any other crimes committed by the inmate.

To use the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, navigate to the Find an Inmate Web page. Enter the inmate’s Register Number or click on the Find By Name tab and complete the required information.