How Can You Search for People in the UK for Free?

can-search-people-uk Credit: Paul Tridon/CC-BY 2.0

PeopleSearch-UK is a free website that allows users to search for long-lost relatives or other people they may have lost touch with who live in the United Kingdom. Developed by a team of professionals, PeopleSearch-UK has located over 5,000 individuals, from estranged friends to long-lost biological parents to debtors.

PeopleSearch-UK has plenty of resources for users interested in searching for people. It provides free articles and videos containing information to teach users how to go about searching for people on their own. PeopleSearch-UK also provides links to professional services, some free and others, such as hiring private investigators, that cost money.

Free available resources on PeopleSearch-UK include videos and guides on how to find old friends and family members using the Internet, as well as access to landowner registries, marriage records, debtor tracing resources and more. However, the website recommends spending a small amount of money to gain access to missing people databases to get the search started.

Searching for people can be an enjoyable hobby or pastime, but at times, piecing together seemingly random information to find an individual can be slow and frustrating. Anyone searching for someone who they fear is in danger should contact the police or a professional tracing agency.

To search on, visit the home page, and enter the first and last name of the person you wish to find, as well as the person's location. If searching for more than one person, fill out the fields under Person 2. Afterwards, tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and click Start Search. Click View Free Results once the results appear. Wait for a new results page listing possible matches to appear. This page shows the names and addresses of persons matching your search information.

On, enter the surname and location of the person, and click Search. On the next page, click a result to view the address and phone number of that person. On, enter a name and address, and click Search. Choose a result, and click View to see more information. is more akin to a directory, so enter the city or postcode of the person, click Search, and then click on a region. Wait for a page to appear showing the names and addresses of people in the region.