How Can You Do a Search for a Particular Federal Inmate?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons offers an inmate locator tool on its website, as of 2015. The agency's database contains information for felons sentenced from District of Columbia courts, and inmates held under jurisdiction of the federal court system.

On the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, click on Inmates then Find an Inmate. Search by his Bureau of Prisons register number, which is either an Immigration and Naturalization Service number, a District of Columbia Department of Corrections number or an FBI number. If a register number is not available, search for the inmate by name. Results are displayed that are an exact match to information in the database. If there are multiple entries for the same name, narrow the list by demographic information.

If visitors to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website are unable to locate an inmate through the locator tool, they should first verify that they spelled the first and last names of the inmate correctly, and that he is being held in a federal facility. Users who have technical difficulty using the locator can follow a link to email the Federal Bureau of Prisons, or send a letter to the address they provide. The inmate locator database is updated daily with information from the Federal Bureau of Prisons database.