How Can You Search Online for Unclaimed Money by Name?

Individuals can search the databases of state unclaimed property offices for unclaimed money by name through the Missing Money search engine of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Various federal government websites also allow searches by name for unclaimed pensions and bank accounts.

According to state laws, unclaimed money such as savings and checking accounts, uncashed payroll checks, stocks, unredeemed gift certificates and money orders, and other forgotten funds are turned over to state unclaimed property offices. Although the offices attempt to find the owners or heirs, much of the lost money remains unclaimed. The Missing Money search engine conducts a free search through most state unclaimed property data archives based on the first name, last name and resident state of the applicant. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website has an interactive map through which searchers can link to the search engines of individual state unclaimed property offices.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has a database of unclaimed bank deposits from failed financial institutions that applicants can search by name. The National Credit Union Administration has a list by name of unclaimed deposits from liquidated credit unions. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation has a database of unclaimed pensions searchable by the last name of the pension holder.