Where Can You Search for a Number in the White Pages?


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YP, or YellowPages.com, which is the digital counterpart to traditional print telephone directories, includes white pages listings and a search engine at its site. Independently, the company WhitePages.com also maintains a database of contact information for residents of the United States. Both resources also provide apps for a variety of mobile devices.

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The white pages in a print telephone directory provide a general listing of personal and private phone numbers that can be searched alphabetically. Entries often also include other basic contact information, typically the corresponding physical address. Both YP and Whitepages.com seek to make this same information available digitally and have been sufficiently successful that printed versions are decreasing rapidly in both demand and popularity as of 2015. Both services provide simple search engines that allow the user to search for individuals and businesses by name, address or phone number and are provided freely to the public on their websites.

As of 2012, YP as well as the printed Yellow Pages phone directories were managed and maintained by Cerberus Capital Management. Whitepages.com is a private company that Stanford student Alex Algard began as a hobby. It has since grown to be ranked as the single largest database for American contact information.

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