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People can search for birth records through the search functions at FamilySearch, WorldVitalRecords or Genealogy.com. Typically, birth records contain children's names, sexes, birthdates and birthplaces. Additional details are more common in birth records from the 1900s and later. These additional details may include hospital names and personal details of parents. Various states and counties were mandated to begin keeping birth records at different times.

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Generally, it is far easier to find death records then specific birth records. Experts advise people to prioritize death and marriage records when researching ancestors. In the United States, New England towns store some of the earliest birth records available. Local churches kept early records of births and baptisms. However, missing birth records are fairly common.

In some states, all birth records are kept confidential for extended periods, which can last for more than a century. Some jurisdictions only provide birth records to direct descendants with proof of lineage.

AmerIcan birth records gained new importance after 1937, when the U.S. government started requiring proof of all live births. This policy aided the issuance of new Social Security numbers. People can modify incorrect birth records if necessary. Typically, this process requires providing eyewitness affidavits or other forms of supporting evidence.

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