Where Can You Find Sample 2014 U.S. Citizenship Test Questions?


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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hosts a sample of the Naturalization Exam on its website, USCIS.gov, as of 2015. It also lists the questions and answers to every question that could be asked on the exam.

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Where Can You Find Sample 2014 U.S. Citizenship Test Questions?
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The practice test is a multiple choice exam; however, the real exam is oral, explains the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Therefore, techniques that are useful on a multiple choice test, such as elimination, will be of no use when taking the oral exam. As an alternative, the website also offers applicants the opportunity browse the entire pool of 100 questions that are used in the exam, as of 2015.

The exam consists of 10 questions, and applicants must answer six correctly to pass the exam, explains USCIS. The exam asks applicants to either identify or explain some aspect of U.S. government, history or integrated services. The USCIS officer administering the exam is solely responsible for grading responses as correct or incorrect.

Some questions listed on the website are subject to change, USCIS explains. Questions that ask which states border Mexico or what is the purpose of the Constitution are unlikely to change. However, questions that ask applicants to name specific public officials will change, and applicants are advised to make sure they know the names of prominent public officials, such as the president, vice president and cabinet members, at the time of their exam.

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