How Can You Find Salt Lake County Metro Jail Inmate Records?


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Prisoner records for the Salt Lake County Metro Jail are available on the official website of the county Sheriff?s office through the Inmate Lookup Tool. The Metro Jail database permits users to search for a specific inmate based on several search strings, according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff?s Office.

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The Salt Lake County's Inmate Lookup Tool offers free public access to prisoner records based on the offender's booking identification number, state offender identification number or permanent number. Prisoners may also be located by their first or last name, according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. A typical jail record lists an inmate's age, height, weight, ethnicity, gender, citizenship, FBI record, hair and eye color, as well as major and minor felony charges. A Metro Jail prison record also lists the precise location of a prisoner's cell and the bail bond value assigned or paid for each case, according to a sample record from the Inmake Lookup Tool.

Along with Oxbow Jail Facility, Metro Jail is one of two jail facilities administered by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. The facility maintains a safe, low-cost incarceration environment and strives to reduce the inmate population's likelihood of returning to criminal behavior, according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office mission statement.

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