Where Can You Find Reviews for Lawyers?


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Martindale-Hubbell has a database of client review ratings of lawyers and peer review ratings, explains Lawyers.com. Client review ratings include the lawyer's ability to communicate, his quality of service, his responsiveness and the value for the money.

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Where Can You Find Reviews for Lawyers?
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Individuals looking for ratings and reviews on lawyers can start by asking family and friends who have had experience with lawyers, but the ideal way to find out about a lawyer is to review client and peer reviews such as those at Martindale-Hubbell, says Lawyers.com. Personal views and opinions may not necessarily match the type of legal matter for which an individual is looking to hire a lawyer.

Peer ratings and reviews are helpful because they provide an objective and independent view about a lawyer based on other lawyers' opinions who practice alongside them. This is a helpful system when an individual wants to learn more about a lawyer's ethical and professional standards as well as his legal ability, notes Lawyers.com.

There are a few independent websites that provide attorney background information beside Martindale-Hubbell, according to Consumer Reports. As with all online review systems, it can be difficult to tell who is posting and why they are posting, so individuals need to take into consideration there may be a client who is bitter about losing a case.

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