Where Can You Do a Reverse Lookup?

The White Pages, Yellow Pages and Intelius offer free and paid reverse phone lookup services; reverse DNS lookup is available through sites such as Computer Hope. Generally, this is a free service and can be performed using a web page name, domain and IP address or location.

Reverse phone lookup is commonly used when trying to identify the owner of a residential, business or cell phone number. A simple method is to use a search engine such as Google. Type the phone number into the search bar, along with any appropriate hyphens, and generate a list of results linked to the number. This includes any associations the number has with a person's Internet profile, such as on a social site or a job board.

This function is also offered for free by services such as Intelius; however, free services aren't as effective when trying to determine the owner of a cell phone number. Typically, third parties who offer a free reverse lookup service have a corresponding paid feature for cell phone numbers and other personal data.

Reverse DNS lookup is used in computer networking to find a domain name associated with an IP address. The method is used to determine where network data is transmitting to as well as to solve networking issues.