Where Can You Reverse Look up a Phone Number for Free?

Free reverse phone number lookup services are available on websites such as spydialer.com, whitepages.com, anywho.com and reversephonelookup.com, as of May 2015. Yellowpages.com offers reverse phone number searches for business numbers.

At spydialer.com, users may enter a phone number and choose between name or photo results. If the number searched is valid, the name and general location of the possible owner is displayed. The Spy Dialer service works for both landlines and cellphones.

At whitepages.com, if the searched number is valid, the carrier and state of the phone owner are displayed. The results show an address for a landline. The same procedure applies for reversephonelookup.com, although additional information is available at a fee.

Cellphone numbers aren't available at anywho.com.