How Can You Do a Free Reverse Look up of 800 Numbers?

Websites that allow users to do free reverse lookups of phone numbers include Whitepages, Custom Toll Free and Reverse Phone To look up a number on Reverse Phone, enter the number in the white field, and press search. The website provides information about the name and area of the phone number owner, the number's original service provider, original coverage area, original service type and carrier type.

To look up a phone number on Whitepages, enter the number in the search field in the upper part of the screen, and press search. The website presents you with information about the company with which the number is associated, its address and its location on the map. Users can also get directions to the location. Visitors can also report the number by leaving a comment about it.

To look up a number on Custom Toll Free, enter the number and your email in the boxes, and press search. This website provides the current status of the number, who manages the number, and similar numbers that are currently available. Registered users can get information about the number's history and its owner. Custom Toll Free also offers registered users the ability to monitor numbers.