Where Can You Find Free Reverse Cellphone Number Look Up?

There are various programs that state they can reveal the name and address, as well as other personal information about an individual just by using their cellphone number, but most require a payment do to so. The phone detective and phone spy programs that make the promise of revealing information require a credit card for either a one-time fee or a reoccurring fee for membership in order to retrieve the data they promise to have.

Entering a phone number into Google reveals information if the individual or business has created a webpage or a Google page that stores their number. Social media sites, such as Facebook offer limited privacy settings, so they can be used to obtain a name using a cellphone number. Simply enter a cellphone number into the search bar on Facebook to reveal the owners name and gain access to their page where other information is stored.

The person's information will only appear if they have included a phone number in their Facebook page. The person does not have to be friends with the individual performing the search.

Not all of the paid services for reverse cellphone look up are legitimate, and even those that are, there is no guarantee that the information you are looking for will be found.