How Can a Restraining Order Be Filed in Indiana?

According to the Indiana Courts System, a petition for an order of protection, otherwise known as a restraining order, can be filed with the county's Circuit Court Clerk. Also, a request for a restraining order can be filed online using a victim advocate organization.

Using the new online system, anyone who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence can visit one of these centers. He or she will have a private meeting with an advocate, where they are interviewed by the advocate to get the necessary court information for the petition. He or she can then review the document to make sure the information is accurate. Most times, the organization will submit the form to the county clerk on the victim's behalf. He or she also has the option to be notified electronically, whether through text message or email, when the order is accepted.

As mandated in recent state law, all protection orders must be electronically filed. If the protection is granted, those people who filed the order should have a copy of the order on them at all times. However, now that the new online filing system keeps a database of all records, a police officer in a different county can access the records when needed.

People can also perform an online search of protection order records. While no information is available on the person who filed the order, there is information about the recipient, or defendant, of the order.