Where Can You Find Resources About Canadian Immigration?


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Resources for information about immigrating to Canada are available on the Government of Canada's Immigration and Citizenship website, according to the Government of Canada. Information available includes detailing of immigration programs that may be applied for given certain prerequisites, applications for those seeking naturalization, resources for locating an immigration representative to aid in an immigrant's application, and materials providing advice on adjusting to a new life in Canada.

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If an applicant seeks to either extend an ongoing stay in Canada or relocate permanently, an online questionnaire is available to help determine an immigration applicant's eligibility and suitable immigration program, according to the Government of Canada. Basic personal information such as nationality, age, education and work experience, family member citizenship, and pending job offers within Canada are taken into account in determining an applicant's eligibility for immigration. If the answers supplied by an applicant are suitable for a Canadian immigration program, further instructions are provided in order to move forward with the immigration application.

It should be noted, however, that the eligibility questionnaire provided by the Government of Canada's website should only be used as a general guideline for applicants, according to the Government of Canada. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the viability of an application for immigration is determined solely by the appropriate immigration officer.

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