Where Can Residential Telephone Listings Be Found?

Residential telephone listings can be found in online directories located at websites such as AnyWho.com and Whitepages.com. Individuals can also request print and CD-ROM telephone directories online.

The AnyWho and Whitepages sites provide residential telephone directories that users can search by name. Users can also use the reverse look-up functions to search for residents by phone number or address. AnyWho also offers area and ZIP code directories and maps with directions. Both sites offer business listings as well.

To request a free print telephone book, individuals can visit YP Intellectual Property’s My Directories page or call 866-329-7118, as of 2015. The phone number for Illinois residents is 800-487-6733. Site visitors can also cancel phone book shipments and request additional copies.

Individuals can also request phone directories in CD-ROM format or download directory files from YP’s Real Pages Live site. The site provides links to download an iOS app for mobile directory access.

YP Intellectual Property is a division of YP Holdings and was formerly AT&T Advertising Solutions before AT&T sold a controlling share to Cerberus Capital Management. The company provides more than 1,300 printed telephone directories as well as the "Gas Guru" app. It also runs YellowPages.com, where users can also search for residential and business listings.