How Can You Research a Lawyer's Background?

To research a lawyer's background, check his records filed at the county, state and national levels; check the national sex offender registry; visit the official website of the bar association in your state; and use a lawyer review site, such as, recommends CriminalWatchDog. Additionally, visit the referral page on the American Bar Associations' website, and type your prospective lawyer's name on a search engine to discover pending malpractices and previous work history.

Your state's bar association site provides a directory of local attorneys and mentions if prospective lawyers are in good standing, notes CriminalWatchDog. You may also find any disciplinary actions involving your potential lawyer. lets people access a profile database of more than 1 million lawyers across the globe, as of 2015, explains the company. The site offers free services and helps people find the right lawyers for their legal needs by providing accurate profiles of lawyers and sharing useful articles about hiring attorneys. also features a community of lawyers and clients who discuss various legal topics.

If you discover negative information while conducting a background check, ask your prospective lawyer first to understand the situation better, suggests CriminalWatchDog. Perform further research, consider his track record, and determine if he successfully handled many cases similar to yours. It's best to find a different lawyer if you uncover multiple disciplinary actions taken against him.