Where Can You Report Money-Related Email Scams?


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File complaints about electronic scams, including those involving money, online through the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center. To expedite a complaint, include all pertinent information, including your full name, mailing address and telephone number, explains the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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Include information about the Internet crime or attempted crime in the complaint, notes the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Include any other relevant, supporting information in the complaint as well.

After a complaint is filed, the Internet Crime Complaint Center sends the complainant an email containing a complaint ID and password, states the center's website. This email also has a link that can be used to log into an area of the center's website where the complainant can view the complaint filed and provide additional information. As complaints are received, the Internet Complaint Center's website compiles the data electronically. Analysts review and research the complaints, distributing the information to other branches of law enforcement or regulatory agencies as necessary. A complaint cannot be cancelled once it has been filed with the center.

Keep any original documents that serve as evidence of an Internet crime in the event that law enforcement requests these documents during an investigation, explains the Internet Complaint Center. Electronic copies of evidence can be included with a complaint submitted to the center. Examples of supporting evidence include credit card receipts, canceled checks and copies of emails.

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